How to Paint Watercolor Lavender

Feeling dull and boring and do not know what to do? You are not the only one getting this kind of feeling, as this is the case with most people around the globe. This pandemic has shaken the world so severely that everyone must stay inside of their house. This has created a lot of problems and a severe danger to humankind.

But we will be like before soon. We all work from home, and after work, it becomes tough to pass our time. Some of us watch movies, while some of us lie on our bed and take a lovely nap. Why should not do something which helps us in a lot of way rather than affecting us in a threatening manner?

In this article, we are going to give you a way to relax and calm yourself. This will surely calm you and will relax your mental pressure. From the ocean of ideas of HomeBnc, we have taken just a cup of it and present you with the best tutorial to paint watercolor lavender.

HomeBNC has always helped those who search for decorating related aspects. You can get all the necessary things related to home decoration. Now, let us enlighten you with the most uncomplicated tutorial on water coloring lavender.

Simple Lavender Stalk

First, let us learn how to make just a single stalk of lavender flowers. After that, you will be able to make and create any bouquet and even field of lavenders. So, let us start now.

  • Gather all the required items you will require in this work. Sit comfortably at a place, and now you are ready to flow your creativity on the sheet.
  • Take a marker or pencil, whichever suits you best. We will recommend a pencil as if something wrong happened, and then you can erase it as well.
  • From that pencil/marker, outline the stalk and leaves of your lavender flower.
  • Ensure you make only the handle part and not the flower from pencil/marker as this will disturb your drawing.
  • After outlining your stalk, it is time for a brush up your outline.
  • Dip a thin brush in green color and then dip in water and trace the outline carefully.
  • Use brush again to paint up the leaves as well. After that, wash and dry the brush and keep it aside as we will use it again after some time.
  • Let it dry for some time, and after which, we will begin painting the central part of our project, the lavender flower.
  • After it is drying, take a similar thin brush and dip it in dark purple color. From a loose hand, give a careful stroke of brush from the tip of the stalk. This will be the baseline for our lavender flower.
  • Now, wash this brush and keep it aside. Please take a little bit of thicker brush now and dip it in a light purple color and then in water as well. From that baseline, give a small stroke of light purple color so that it looks like a flower around that baseline.
  • Now, surround that baseline with flower petals of color light purple.
  • Now comes the central part of watercolor painting, the detailing. This should be done very carefully; otherwise, your painting will look like something is missing from it.
  • Use different shades of purple, from lighter ones to darker ones for the detailing works. Use the darker shades at the top, sides, and bottom of the flower petals and the extreme sides.
  • After detailing the petals, it is time to do detailing in stalk and leaves as well.
  • Use a thin brush, or you can use a marker to make the veins of leaves and fill details in the stalk.
  • Tada! Your single lavender stalk is ready. Now make some more around this, and you will have a beautiful sheet with some beautiful lavender flowers.

Lavender Bouquet

This will seem nothing to you once you managed to draw a beautiful stalk of watercolor lavender. Generally, it is easier to make a bouquet rather than a single stalk of flowers.

In this, you must make many strokes of green colors to make it look like lots of stalks are bound together. After making the base part, you must make lavender at the top, which is also easy, and then you will have a bouquet of beautiful lavenders.

Lavender Fields

Another thing that can be a great decoration for your house is a painting of lavender fields.

This is not going to be a tough one, so it does not be panic as we are here to guide you through the easiest way to make the field of lavender.

This is going to be like that of a lavender bouquet. First, make a background. For this paint, the lower end of your sheet with green color and go to the top coloring, using different purple color shades. After that, make a bouquet like lavender all over the sheet from half of the sheet. Below, the flower makes green effects for the stalk, which will also enhance the look of your field.

Hopefully, you have liked this tutorial, and we are sure that you will make each of them very quickly; once done, you will love this, and do not forget to flaunt it.

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