How to Paint furniture using Chalk Paint

Paint is a necessary attribute for a lot of things inside your house and the whole house itself. While there are toms of colors that people can play with, today we will be talking about the chalk paint that can give the utensil or place, where it is applied, a white-yellowish texture, and something great for a change.

While there are many things we can apply the chalk paint to (from walls to ceilings, to furniture, to fabrics to the floor), today we will be talking about applying the chalk paint exclusively over your furniture.

Your furniture might have gotten old and shabby, and there is nothing more innovative than applying chalk paint to it to give it a new look. Meanwhile, you can also save a lot of money by applying fresh paint to the old furniture and not purchasing new furniture.

Sometimes, there is old furniture, but you do not want to throw them away because they remind you of someone or something. Well, in that case, you can certainly consider giving it a new look.

Applying chalk paint will undoubtedly increase your house’s beauty as the furniture will again become a piece of decor. Suppose you are in the quest of decorating and making your house look even more beautiful. In that case, you must consider checking out HomeBnc’s blogs that will provide you with tons of DIY projects and inspirations that are tried, tested, and recommended by the experts.

Now let us see how you can apply chalk paint over your old furniture to give it a new and refreshing look-

Step 1 – Select the Furniture

Well, it is not wise to state the obvious, but I will do it anyway. Before deciding to apply the chalk paint to the furniture, you need to select the furniture upon which the color will suit them best. Furniture can be an old one if you want to renew it or any furniture you think will suit the surroundings if it is in chalk color. So, you must check thoroughly for selecting the furniture, which will be the best option for the chalk paint.

Step 2- Assemble the Necessary Items

All the items necessary for doing the paint job should be assembled in one particular place so that you don’t feel the need to leave the room and search for the necessary item for continuing the painting task. The item will include course the chalk paint and a paintbrush, wax and wax brush, plastic, or fabric sheet to protect the floor from the paint, towel, and sandpaper.

Step 3 – Clean the Furniture and Apply the Paint

After you are sure that you have all the things you need, it’s time to get started with the painting thing, but there is one more job to get over with before going any further. It is cleaning the furniture and removing all the dust. Remember, you must be applying the pint over clean furniture. It does not need to be stainless, but dust and dirt need to be clean that can ruin the paint.

After the furniture is cleaned, you can apply the chalk paint using the brush you had selected. Always make sure to have two different brushes, one for waxing and one for painting. You do not need to follow one strict stroke rule while painting using chalk paint. You can do it in whatever way you wish. Make sure all the surface of the furniture is covered.

Step 4 – Apply Wax

Now that you are done painting the furniture, it is time for you to apply wax over the furniture. For other colors applying wax is unnecessary, but for chalk paint, it is necessary for sure. When the paint is dried, apply a bit of rub of the sand peeler in the places you like to peel off the paint and give the furniture a rustic look and then apply the wax coating.

Make sure you have a plastic sheet spread over the floor where you are working just to spill the paint over the floor and increase your work.

Step 5 – Let it dry

After applying the paint and the wax, you must leave the furniture to dry. Now that it has dried up, you can put the necessary things that are supposed to be kept in it and place the furniture where it will be the best.


By following the above steps, you can paint your furniture in a chalk color by yourself. Be sure that the paint is of the right quality, and it is rightly thick while you apply it.

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