How to Pick Paint Colors for your HomeĀ 

There are many ways one can enhance his house’s appearance, but among them, paint outshines the list. It is the paint that the house owners discuss with their families and friends even before the house’s construction is finished. The color of the painting, the painting’s design, and their combination determine the first impression of your friends, guests, and neighbors.

One who has done a considerable amount of research and has chosen the right color combination is praised a lot in front of friends and families. He is generally the one in every circle everybody consults before painting the house or buying furniture or decorating the house.

Seeing the esteem it provides a person with will be a terrible idea to overlook or underestimate the importance of paint and paint color. Painting is the best thing that happens to a house when done correctly. It is the best way to decorate your house for a considerably more extended period.

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Coming back to paint colors, there are a lot of ways in which you can determine which color will suit each of your rooms. Good paintwork can quickly increase your house’s resale value (of course, if you are looking to sell it). When the current paint in the walls gets faded or old or spoiled, it is the right thing to apply fresh paint over it and provide it with a new life.

Here are some ways through which you can easily decide the colors for your house-

Consider the Mood of that Part of the House

When in a living room, one will not prefer to be silent and formal, instead he will prefer to be more socializing and interactive, considering that it is the only place inside the house where the family can spend quality time together.

It is quite interesting to the fact that the color around us determines our behavior and our mood. Soft and relaxed color is more relaxing, whereas a bright color is dramatic. The dark color is a pick for a formal place.

So, when in the bedroom, one will want to be relaxed and therefore go with a softer and cooler color, whereas, in the living room, he should think of bright, dramatic colors. So always consider which mood you want to be in which part of the house, and then choose a color corresponding with that mood.

Try Experimenting with your Choices

You may have had a color in mind that you want to try but are afraid of whether it will go well or end up being a tragedy. Do not be scared because it is your own house, and here you have full independence to experiment. Try putting that color or shade in the part of the room where it will be easy to apply and remove (if it does not turn out well).

This color may match with the furniture or the fabrics or the carpet of the room.

One More Way to Experiment

There also is a method where you do not need to take the pain of painting the wall and removing it if it turns out to be a disaster. This is by using a canvas painted in your choice color that you want to be out there on the walls. Once you have painted the canvas, try hanging it to the wall and check whether what color you were trying to invest in is worth it or not.

If it is, then hurray! You have found the color of your choice, but if it isn’t, you can repeat this process on and on until you can find a colour that suits the walls, the eyes, and the mood.


Above are some techniques you can apply by yourself to determine which color suits your house the most. There are undoubtedly many ways to help you choose the colors and shades, but these can be classified as the most comfortable and most basic techniques.

If you have decided the right color for the house, you will be one step closer to making your house your paradise. To increase its beauty even further, you can visit HomeBnc’s blogs to get new inspiration to decorate your house.…