After Spicer Resigned, Maxine Waters Made A Threat To Another Top Trump Official

After the announcement of Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s resignation was made, the radical leftists have immediately started making mocking comments and taking their shot at the Trump administration. And now, as expected, some of the biggest liberals have surfaced to take action, one of them being Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who trolled the WH this Friday afternoon “congratulating” Sean Spicer for his decision, and taking a swing at the Attorney General as well.

Waters made her comment on Twitter just a few minutes after the announcement was made:

Maxine has achieved quite the fame for giving out a handful of criticism for President Donald Trump and his administration’s policy and work so far, which makes it understandable that she would be on his tail after such a groundbreaking announcement. They are using every chance they can get to mock the POTUS and undermine the First Family, routinely referring to the administration as a “bunch of scumbags” and the “Trump Family Criminal Enterprise,” while constantly calling for his impeachment.

Waters without a doubt has her head in the clouds lately, after raising a number of questions after she announced that she is considering a possible run for president in the 2020 elections, but to everyone that has been following the political arena for a longer period of time, it is clear that she stands no chance against Donald Trump, judging by all the work he has done in such a short period of time.

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